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Whether you want to start your own company, improve your company, or expand, we can help! Our team is 100% board certified (by the BACB), meaning we are deeply familiar with the intricacies of the rules, regs, and ethical requirements of practitioners. We possess well over 50 years of relevant, cumulative experience and expertise as practitioners, administrators, executives, supervisors, and more. Looking forward to sharing our passion and collaborating with you!

Prisma provides an option for Behavior Analysts who are ready to branch out on their own, but are overwhelmed by where to even start! The support they provide to BCBAs-turned-business-owners is sound and ethical, and they bring to the table a knowledge base of all of the ins and outs of funding, credentialing, policy development and OBM strategies. Knowing this type of support is available makes the idea of owning my own practice a reality! 

- Future Business Owner

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